Monday, 15 July 2013

Welcome to the third trimester!

It has been almost two months since I posted here in my blog. I have basically been enjoying my pregnancy and trying to focus on cooking these babies as long as I can. It has been going well and the babies are growing strong. I had an ultrasound today and both boys are measuring 2lbs 7 oz and 2lbs 6 oz, both head down and very, very active.

I have so much love for these babies and so much love for my husband. At one point in my life, I could never ever imagine the joy of carrying a child, let alone TWO precious little beings. I am so grateful for this opportunity but I have not forgotten the many people in my life that are still fighting for theirs.
Truth is, I still hold a tremendous amount of guilt. I hardly talk to many of my friends that I met through my online support groups and I wish that it was not that way. Unfortunately, I completely understand because I have been there too. I give them space and try not to ask how they are too much or talk about my pregnancy.  When they ask how I am, I try to be honest. 

Reality is, it is hard carrying twins and I have a lot of pain in my hips and back and the heat has been unbearable this summer. Let's remember that I am also six foot one. I can't walk any real distance and I need help standing and getting out of bed. I LOVE my boys and feeling them and carrying them and I do not take anything for granted but I have to get something clear, I have a right to talk about how I feel. If you ask, I will tell you. If you don't want my answer, please don't ask. Sorry but I had to get that out of my system.

27 weeks and three days... imagine! They will be here before I know it!  I will try and post more often  but for now, I will share some pictures :) 

Today, it was sooo hot... this is how I dealt with it hahaha

Here are the babies! Baby B is always much harder to see but you can see his little side profile turned inward to the left :)  Baby A is a show off !

Here is a picture from my baby shower! It was an incredible day!!!! I have everything I need for these little monkeys!

And here is a sneak peak of the maternity photo shoot that a friend of mine did :) I really like this one and I cannot wait to see the rest!

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  1. I am sure by now you have had the little ones!! pics and update please!!!!!